The Online Pricing System (OPS) is computer software that allows you to automate the pricing process. This software takes your rates for the different services you offer and uses them to quote enquiries depending on the size of the job. It essentially empowers potential customers to price their own work.

The OPS reduces the wasted time and lost profit it takes responding to enquiries and sending quotes to people who end up saying no. Now your customers will be able to get your price without you even seeing the job!

By signing up to Kwotimation you will get your very own business specific OPS. You will be able to choose what types of projects and services you want the OPS to price for you so that you have complete control of the pricing process. Furthermore, you can personlise the OPS with your business logo, colour, photos and messaging to reflect your business and what you want to say to your future customers.

This tool can be placed on your website and social media pages or you could send it as a link to a potential customer via an email or text message. Don't have a website? No worries, you can create your own landing page with the OPS so that you can get online and portray professionalism from the start.

Give it a try today, your first two weeks are free!

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